In the middle of the affair drama: Peter Klein reports with an update

What about Peter Klein? The former summer house resident currently resides in the Versace Hotel in Australia – actually to support his son-in-law Lucas Cordalis (55) in the jungle camp from there. But then a scandal about himself made the rounds: his wife Iris Klein (55) accused him of cheating on her Down Under with Yvonne Woelke (41). But her husband doesn’t want to know anything about that. Now answered Peter with an update from Australia.

In its Instagramstory, the stepfather of Daniela Katzenberger (36) commented on his condition. “Everything is a bit difficult at the moment, you’ve noticed that, so I’m doing fewer stories than you’re used to,” he explained of his absence online and continued: “I’m fine, don’t do any of it Worries. It could be better, but you live.” However, he is now down a gear. “I’m currently doing relatively little to take the fire off the whole thing a bit. […] That’s the way it is. Far from home and then such crap in the ass. nobody needs it”he complained.

At the same time stressed Peter also that the real reason for his trip to Australia should not be pushed into the background. “It’s not my family life. It’s actually the support for Lucas”exclaimed Peter remembered himself and asked his followers: “Give him the opportunity for the crown so that he has a chance to bring the title back into the family.”

Instagram / iris_klein_mama_

Iris and Peter Klein in December 2021

Instagram / peterklein_1967

Peter Klein, TV fame

Instagram / lucascordalis

Peter Klein and Lucas Cordalis in Australia, 2023

Do you think things are going to work themselves out again?

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