“In ten years, astronauts will be living on the moon”, says NASA

According to NASA, astronauts will be living and working on the moon within ten years. To do this, the space organization plans to set up a base camp with a “lunar hut” and mobile accommodation. This will allow the astronauts to stay there for up to two months.

Earlier this week, NASA’s newest mega-rocket, the most powerful in the world, took off from Florida, heading for the Moon, for the first unmanned mission of NASA’s new flagship program, Artemis.

Fifty years after the last Apollo mission, this test flight, which will circumnavigate the Moon without landing there and without an astronaut on board, should confirm that the vehicle is safe for a future crew.

It marks the great start of the Artemis program, which aims to send the first woman and the first person of color to the Moon. The goal is to establish a lasting human presence there, in preparation for a trip to Mars.

“To give astronauts a place to live and work, the agency’s Artemis Base Camp concept includes a modern lunar hut, a rover, and even mobile accommodation,” NASA explains.


Mission Artemis 1: NASA’s mega-rocket took off for the moon

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