In ‘Power Couple Brasil’, Adryana and Albert evaluate attitudes of Matheus and Brenda: ‘Don’t fool me’

Adryana and Albert are reviewing their friendship with Matheus and Brenda on ‘Power Couple Brasil’ . This Wednesday (22), the singer had a conversation with the couple and pointed out some of their controversial attitudes and fights with other couples within the reality.

After talking to Brenda and Matheus, the singer told her husband the details. “They’re convenient. They don’t fool me,” Albert said.. “It’s all right. What we need to do now is freeze it, after the DR we’ll talk,” she continued. “Are they worried about us? They should be worried about the house”, completed the businessman.

The singer pointed out that the couple was afraid that Adryana and Albert would be eliminated from the DR of the week without getting right with them. “They wanted to say that we don’t come back [da D.R.]. They kicked the dog”, opined the blonde. “Oh, they want to kick the dog, then? Remember what I told you, that they switch toys? They did it with the Baron, with Ivy, and now with us,” said Albert, who earlier reported on the intrusion of a woman on the recording of Prova dos Casais.

“They support each other, play, then another more interesting toy appears, and they say: ‘I don’t want to play anymore.’ This is called you know what? Convenience.

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