In pain, the French team qualifies for the semi-finals of the Euro

How difficult it was! But after 120 minutes during which they were archi-dominant, Les Bleues finally managed to overcome the curse of the quarter-finals thanks to a penalty converted by Ève Périsset during extra time. Here they are in the semi-finals, a first for ten years. The appointment is made, it will be next Wednesday against a new big piece: Germany.


France 1-0 Netherlands

Goal: Perisset (102eSP) for the Blues

The whistles of New York Stadium at the final whistle clearly reflect the disappointment of the public, won over mainly to the cause of the Dutch. But at the end of 120 minutes as intense as they are frustrating, it is indeed the European champions who fall by the wayside of this quarter-final which the new generation Bleues have managed to seize, for the first time in ten years (1 -0). In pain, with a penalty as a justice of the peace, but whatever. The Indian sign is finally broken.

Starting foot to the floor, the France team remains faithful to its cannon starts since the start of the Euro. Summer tradition obliges, the Dutch go camping, but not in the Cévennes, if not in their half of the field. Apart from a risky header from Sakina Karchaoui towards Pauline Peyraud-Magnin, which the French doorkeeper seizes in two stages, no clear opportunity to report for the Lionesses, who only come out for a small highlight in the first act. Quite the opposite of the Blues who manage to overcome the aggressiveness shown by Daniëlle van de Donk and Jackie Groenen, by multiplying the interesting combinations of two or three, but without ever managing to concretize.

The Oranje in a hurry

Visibly annoyed by the too perfect quality of the New York Stadium lawn, Delphine Cascarino takes care of planting some large potatoes there. Three exactly, including a mine 25 meters away which crashed into Van Domselaar’s post shortly before half an hour into the game and frustrated the French women even more who, failing to put their opponents to sleep, were unable to put them to sleep. knock out. Fate itself did not seem to be in favor of Les Bleues when it put Stefanie van der Gragt’s knee in the path of Melvine Malard’s point-blank shot (37e), then his arm (stuck to the body) on that of Grace Geyoro (41e). The Ajax taulière watches over the grain and defends with authority the zone of her goalkeeper who, she, suffers the full brunt of her first knockout match in the shoes of a holder in the A. But without cracking for all that. Enough to send the French back to the locker room with rage in their stomachs.

Inefficiency and frustration

Returning from her Covid three days before the meeting, Vivianne Miedema is in charge of animating the front of the Batavian attack, it is indeed Van der Gragt who offers the Orange their only opportunity on target of the match with a header that ended in the gloves of PPM (60e). Corinne Deacon responds by attempting a tactical move and takes out Malard to put Diani back in the middle and Cascarino on the right, his usual position at Olympique Lyonnais (62e). Selma Bacha, newcomer, is not necessarily more successful since she in turn comes up against Daphne van Domselaar, whose confidence increases as time progresses, like this double parade (65e67e) which she shows in front of La Fenotte, then Wendie Renard, in her usual role of control tower on the ten corners from which France benefited. Les Bleues have statistics similar to those of the Swedes against Belgium (22 shots to 4), but Van Domselaar, imperial until the last seconds of regulation time with her ten saves (record for a goalkeeper in this Euro), did not decidedly not help the French to overcome their inability to score in the second half.

Burned against burnt

Finally, what does it play, a hard-fought qualification? A twist of fate? It is possible, even if it does not always come from where one imagines it. Like when the experienced Dominique Janssen (85 caps since 2014) roughly tripped Diani in the box and was penalized with a penalty using the VAR. Like when Ève Périsset comes to eleven meters in place of Wendie Renard, usual shooter. The future Chelsea player does not tremble and sends her shot halfway up the left side, managing to deceive Van Domselaar who started on the right side (definitely!). A climax for the right side, his replacement Marion Torrent delivering a much more fragile last quarter. Result: a hand (fortunately) not whistled and a chick that ends up on the railway behind the stadium. Fortunately the last train had left, except for the spectators who will have no choice but to return by taxi, not without having witnessed the innumerable failures of Ouleymata Sarr and the last claws of the Lionesses, in the void, alas, for the reigning European champions who will therefore not achieve the long-awaited back-to-back and are punished for having been even less effective than the French women. That is to say. And against Germany, that will certainly not be enough.
France (4-3-3): Peyraud-Magnin – Perisset (Torrent, 106e), Mbock, Renard, Karchaoui – Toletti (Pallis, 106e), Bilbault, Geyoro (Mateo, 87e) – Diani, Malard (Bacha, 62e), Cascarino. Selector: Corinne Deacon.

Netherlands (4-2-3-1): Van Domselaar – Wilms (Damaris, 115e), Van der Gragt, Janssen, Casparij – Groenen, Van de Donk (Brugts, 72e), Spitse (Leuchter, 106e) – Beerensteyn (Roord, 46e), Miedema, Pelova. Coach: Mark Parson.

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    By Julien Duez, at New York Stadium

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