In Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano of January 8: Gimbe: “The lockdown is already there”. Over50, doubts to the Cts

The locomotive


Two years after the disaster, the motto in Lombardy remains “arranges”

Déjà-vu – Chronicle of the new collapse, between do-it-yourself and dose reservations at 2 months

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The jungle of parties: “Dragons, be calm”

Poised. The premier ready to speak to the press (perhaps as early as Monday) in a desperate attempt to reattach the pieces of the ramshackle majority that should elect him Head of State

The interview – Lucia Azzolina

“Lost a year, the reopening of schools is just a bluff”

Former Minister of Education

Dl Supports

For now, no decree: refreshments only for tourism & C.

Let’s start again – Before the Colle game, aid of 2 billion is foreseen for the activities affected by the closures. To refinance CIG and other measures, many more are needed

Years of lead

Flyer Br su Moro up for auction, Digos arrives. “It is one of many copies”: checks in progress

And finally the Digos also arrived. Yesterday the agents of the Rome Police Headquarters visited Bertolani Fine Art, the auction house which has put up a mimeographed copy of the flyer with which the Red Brigades announced the kidnapping of Aldo Moro. The press release is over these days […]

The process

Misdirection Cucchi, the family asks for 2 million: “We meat for slaughter, Casarsa black soul”

Stefano Cucchi’s family has requested compensation of over 2 million euros from the defendants in the trial on the alleged misdirection following the death, in 2009, of the Roman surveyor. “The misdirections were aimed, from the very first moment, at removing any responsibility of the State institutions for his death, when Stefano was right in the […]

Francesca Chaouqui

“Me, a 2 million vati-lobbyist. Dossier? Always from the notary “

The return of the “popess”

Welcome back to 2020

De Luca closes the classes, Draghi tries to stop him

“We are willing to listen to the principals. We are working on a solution, but we want to give a united response. Our line remains that of presence “. Speaking at the Fatto Quotidiano is the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, overwhelmed by the controversies of these hours raised by over two thousand principals who ask not to open schools on Monday and […]

Berlusconi at the Quirinale? No thank you

Cracked by Alfano and 5Stelle, B. is expelled from the Senate

Thirtieth episode. Red card – The latest blackmails and meline, but the exit of the NCD chairmen unloads the weapon. And the M5S forces the Democratic Party to expel him

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Cts and doctors against Draghi: nobody likes this obligation

Doubts about age and the fine

The ISS – Weekly monitoring

“Situation in drastic deterioration, we need a change of course”

“Significant mitigation measures” are needed or a “further rapid increase” of cases and hospitalizations in the coming weeks will be “highly probable”, with as many as 8 Regions having over 50% chance of reaching employment rates in intensive care units and red zone. The Istituto Superiore di Sanità warns the government about the “delicate phase” of the […]


The positive former city councilor: “And they call it management?”

“Four days of hell (still in progress), fever at 40, cough that blows your eyes, the breath that never comes back, the body that leaves you”. Sumaya Abdel Qader, former Milan city councilor with the Democratic Party, told on her Facebook profile the ordeal she has been living for a week with her family, almost all of them […]

If you inquire your 5 almost

Rape at the Duomo, “they laughed, no one intervened”

Serious sexual violence, as in Cologne in 2016. Milan relives the German nightmare. There are five episodes of group rape that took place on New Year’s Eve on which the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating, all allegedly occurring around the area of ​​Piazza del Duomo. According to the accusations, the theater of sexual violence reported by a group of students from […]

Christmas holidays

Brawl in Cortina, the offspring of “Roma bene” involved

Two distinct episodes, both with negative protagonists groups of Roman children, children of doctors and professionals. The police of Cortina, a well-known location in the Dolomites, are working to reconstruct the two violent fights that took place between the eve and the 1st of the year. The first, on New Year’s Eve, saw three Roman boys from […]

The former president

Sicily, Lombardo acquitted on appeal of mafia charges

The ex Sicilian governor Raffaele Lombardo was acquitted in the appeal process bis, accused of external competition in the mafia association (because the fact does not exist) and aggravated exchange vote (for not having committed the fact). The former founder of the autonomist party had asked for a sentence of 7 years and 4 months for the Etna prosecutor […]

During a hunting trip

He stumbles and blows away. Skeet champion dies

He tripped over a log while he was hunting. He lost his balance and his rifle fired the shot that hit him in the abdomen, killing him. It will be the autopsy to confirm what seems to be a clear dynamic for the investigators: to kill Cristian Ghilli, 19-year-old world junior skeet champion, would have been a “tragic fatality”. […]

Funds of the Holy See

Kidnapping in Mincione, Switzerland confirms

The Swiss judicial authorities have denied the financier Raffaele Mincione, involved in the sale of the Sloane Avenue building in London by the Vatican Secretariat of State and in the consequent trial which will resume next January 25, the release of the Swiss accounts seized for a year. . The total amount of the accounts has been quantified […]

Cgil-Cisl alarm

“Quarantines paid or it will be a disaster”

If on the one hand the Covid-themed decrees are now continuing unabated, on the other many things of pure common sense have been left to lapse without explanation (but the reason obviously exists): this is the case of refreshments / support and layoffs that accompany the closures, of smart working especially in the public sector and of the matter […]

Series A

Prime Minister’s car: “Doors closed or stopped”

Lockdown. For the first time since the beginning of the championship, the word that makes the presidents tremble resounds, and that for the ball means stopping, or in any case playing behind closed doors, with millions of dollars in damage. To terrorize Serie A is a phone call from Mario Draghi to number 1 of the FIGC, Gabriele Gravina. Friendly, even if the message is […]

Ads and mists

Better, irresistible deafness

“Getting ahead” on the pandemic – From the vaccination obligation to the pass: the Draghi & C. measures launched with empty fanfare and without taking into account the opinions of scientists who in fact deem them ineffective. Not a nice viaticum for the race to the Quirinale

Epstein, accuse a Andrea

To pay the lawyers, the prince sells chalets

Prince Andrew has found a buyer for his chalet in Verbier in the Swiss Alps. According to the British tabloids, the Duke of York was forced to sell the house to a mysterious millionaire, for a sum exceeding 17 million pounds, in order to pay the legal costs of the affair that to […]

“America against”

Capitol Hill, one year later: Sky talks about US social fractures

“January 6, 2021: the world watches in dismay at the protests on Capitol Hill. But was it really such an amazing event? Or has the United States for some time been showing signs of a very dangerous social fracture and of a marked political opposition? ”. Sky Tg24 tells it with ‘America Contro’, a new program on air from January 9th each […]


The sheriff of the Banlieue. Pécresse uses the Sarko style

“It takes the Kärcher”. The candidate of the Républicains for the presidential elections mentions the vacuum cleaner to clean up the suburbs

United Kingdom

BoJo and Downing Street jobs paid for by a lord

The truce lasted as long as the Christmas holidays: Boris Johnson is again at the center of heavy corruption suspicions. The Trojan horse is always the renovation of the interior of Downing Street, wanted by his wife Carrie Symonds in 2019. For the maintenance costs of the premier’s apartment there is a public budget of 30 […]


Ablyazov, appeal from Paris: “The West helps dissidents”

The refugee claims a role in the revolt

The interview – Antonio Stango

“Oligarchs inside an ivory tower: they do not understand the suffering of the people”

The political scientist worked with the Freedom House in the former Soviet republic


94 years since Oscar, Poitier. Obama “medaled” him

Farewell to the first African American to be awarded


Do I sing or do I not sing? From Boss to Rolling: calendar nightmare

Due to the infections from Covid, many artists are canceling or postponing the live shows. The problem is that for many of them, like Springsteen or Elton John, age doesn’t help with waiting

The book

Chiaromonte-Camus, a life of letters between two “exiles” from Algiers

They met in 1941 in Africa. And from there the friendship

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