In Love With Tom: Emma Watson Finds Fan Reactions "Sweet"

It hasn’t been a secret for a long time – Emma Watson (31) used to be in love with Harry Potter colleague Tom Felton (34)! However, the actress brought a breath of fresh air to the special launched in January to mark the 20th anniversary of the legendary film series. For example, she shared why she had a crush on her co-star back then. Of course, that made the hearts of the Potterheads beat faster. and Emma don’t seem to mind the comments at all!

Im Vogue-Interview was Emma now wondering how she and Tom so find the hype of the fans around their close friendship. “We talk almost every week and just think it’s cute”, laughed the 31-year-old. The most emotional moment in the reunion for her was not with Tom. Because Ron actor Rupert Grint (33) confessed his friendly love to her! “I was amazed at how vulnerable and friendly he said it so openly,” the film star was touched.

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Besides the sweet confession had one more thing going around Emma attracted attention at the reunion. Instead of using a child picture of the actress, one of namesake Emma Roberts (30) was shown in the special. The Hermione actress also saw that very calmly: “I wasn’t that cute!” She wrote about the photo of her colleague and posted it Instagram.

Emma Watson and Tom Felton in 2004
Emma Watson in London in October 2021
Emma Watson and Tom Felton in 2003

UPPA/face to face / ActionPress

Emma Watson and Tom Felton in 2003

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