"In love – well …": Nathalie Volk met someone

“In love – well …”
Nathalie Volk met someone

It shouldn’t work out with Hells Angels rocker Timur Akbulut and 40 years older multimillionaire Frank Otto. But now Nathalie Volk seems to have a new man at her side. But she doesn’t want to reveal much about the stranger yet.

After her separation from her fiancé Timur Akbulut at the end of October, there was initially concern for Nathalie Volk. The 25-year-old left her adopted country of Turkey and went back to the USA. From there, she reported back to her fans via Instagram with a photo from a New York hospital.

“I’m here because of a broken heart,” the model later revealed to the “Gala” and added that it was “very severe heart problems and chest pain”. Regarding her love-out with the Hells Angels rocker, who was already in jail for manslaughter, Volk said: “It’s difficult at the moment, I don’t know exactly what I want yet.”

But apparently Nathalie Volk, who now calls herself Miranda DiGrande and wants to get started as an actress in the USA, is not a child of sadness. On her birthday on January 6th, she posted numerous photos and videos of an exuberant party night in her Instagram stories – including champagne, cakes and a pink bouquet of flowers. The bouquet was adorned with a card with the initials SL. People gave the picture four hearts and thanked the unknown person with the words “Thank you, baby”.

“Have known each other for a while”

Apparently the bouquet seems to have a bigger meaning. When asked by the “Gala”, Volk now reveals: “There’s something to the rumors. In love – well, that’s what the press made of it, those are not my words. But there is someone I think is really great. He has sent me beautiful flowers for my birthday. ”

However, their flame is not new. “We have known each other a little longer, since 2014,” the model continues. “I saw him for the first time at the GNTM after-show party (“Germany’s next Topmodel”, Anm. der Red.) seen and since then we’ve run into each other again and again. ”

The 25-year-old also reveals his hometown: “He comes from Frankfurt.” But she does not want to reveal more details about his identity so far, “to protect him from the press,” as she says. “In addition, you have to get to know each other even better. Whether something will come of it – that’s in the stars.”

Before her relationship with Timur Akbulut, Nathalie Volk was in a relationship with the Hamburg multimillionaire Frank Otto for five years. The couple had been separated for 40 years, but even after their split, the two are still closely connected. Volk lives in Otto’s penthouse in New York City. The entrepreneur also pays for her acting training.

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