In love (and indifferent to rumors and theories), Bernardo Sousa leaves a special message for Bruna Gomes

This Monday, July 25th, some rumors and theories circulated regarding the couple Bernardo Sousa and Bruna Gomes that ended up being reproduced by some media and blogs.

At issue was an exchange of opinions that pointed to an alleged involvement between the pilot and Cristina Ferreira, thus resulting in a betrayal of the influencer who is in Brazil to be with her family.

However, none of this affected the couple and it was possible to perceive this through the comment that the winner of Big Brother Famosos left in the most recent sharing by Bruna Gomes, made on the night of this Monday, July 25th: “Go with everything!!! But take me 😁❤️“, can be read in the response to the share of the influencer who was enthusiastic about her Nuse brand.

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