"In his head it’s quite complicated" : Mallaury Nataf still homeless? A relative of the actress is sounding the alarm…

In the 90s, Mallaury Nataf was a hit in the sitcom Le Miel et les Abeilles. Subsequently, she distinguished herself in the series Sous le soleil before bouncing back in the famous fiction The mysteries of Love. But lately, the actress has been in the news because of her financial worries. For a time, she even became homeless before disappearing from the radar. This Monday, January 23, 2023, Jacky, who knew the star well, was asked about him At Jordan’s.

“We were talking earlier about Mallaury Nataf. Do you have any news, dear Jacky? » wondered Jordan de Luxe. “So I saw her again a while ago because she was playing in The mysteries of love but for a year, I have not heard from”replied his interlocutor. “So that’s the same, it’s terrible fates, because Mallaury found herself on the street […] Did you feel it for Mallaury? Because she has a rather particular temperament.added Jordan De Luxe.

“She doesn’t want us to help her…”

“She has a special temperament” said his guest of the day: ” I did not expect that. Because that’s the worst of the worst. I didn’t expect her to end up homeless”. In the midst of turmoil, Mallaury has always refused to be helped, to the chagrin of those around him. “In his head, it’s quite complicated,” Jacky pointed out: “She doesn’t want us to help her”.

Without blinking, the latter did not hesitate to reach out his hand: “We tried, me, finally all the people of AB Productions… We are a family. But I felt that, she doesn’t want to”. Same story for producer Jean-Luc Azoulay who has everything to get her out of this impasse: “He took her up in The Mysteries of Love and she left…”. To be continued…


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