In Germany, a record of over 80,000 cases in 24 hours

Coronavirus in Berlin (Ansa)

Rome, 12 January 2022 – Germany registered a new record of 80,430 cases of Covid in the last 24 hours. The number of deaths is also high 384. In the last few days the confirmed infections had been reduced but in the face of data considered incomplete due to the lower number of tests carried out. The incidence has risen to 407.5 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants on a weekly basis, compared to the previous detection of 387.9 cases.

Country blocked, hospitalizations inflated. That is why the Spanish model is needed

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The new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had announced that he wanted to introduce the requirement of the anti Covid vaccine “early February or March”, but it seems increasingly difficult to meet the deadline. Although most parties in parliament agree on the principle, no government draft law has been presented at the moment. In fact, within the coalition there does not seem to be full consensus on the matter between the two left parties (social democratic and green) and the liberals. The three parties of the executive suggest that the proposals be presented by individuals or groups of deputies, rather than a government bill, in order to allow free debate in parliament. The Christian Democrats (CDU / CSU) in the opposition agree on the obligation but believe that it is the government that must present its project.



In France, the “real infections” could be between 500 thousand and one million, according to Health Minister Olivier Veran. “When the Omicron variant records 370,000 infections per day, it can be assumed that in reality we are not that far from a million cases, perhaps a little less because we do a lot of tests, but there are probably more than 500,000 cases”. According to the minister, “it is now certain that traditional measures have no impact on such a contagious variant”. “We will not let Omicron circulate,” he concluded.

And even in France there is talk of vaccination obligation, con the National Academy of Medicine, a scientific research institute even founded in the nineteenth century, which urges the government to take the “big step”. While waiting for the health pass to turn into a vaccination pass (essentially the equivalent of the ‘super green pass’), the body believes that it is the right time to speak “clearly and sincerely” of “vaccination obligation”, an obligation “not disguised, just like the other vaccination obligations currently in force”.


There are 745 deaths caused by the virus in Russia, while the infections recorded in the last 24 hours are 17,946.

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