In Geneva, Explore wants to imagine together the city of tomorrow

Until Sunday, June 19, Explore combines debates, inspirations and games, so many threads to weave a collective framework in the face of the challenges of the energy transition. The citizen festival condenses encounters and explorations, making the Plainpalais communal hall its headquarters. Throughout the duration of the festival, completely free, the public will be able to discover playgroundan installation dedicated to children and produced in collaboration with EPFL, to play and think about playgrounds in the city of tomorrow.

On Wednesday afternoon, the little ones will be able to make signs, follow a radio workshop and take part in a public debate which will address the evolution that led the child to gradually disinvest the outdoor urban space. Clément Rivière, a researcher at the University of Lille, will start from the observation that the presence of children alone in our streets has become rare enough to arouse curiosity, questioning, even disapproval.

No age limit either to participate in Utopia, which reserves 100 m² of free space to create a collective and experiential city, a simple rectangle drawn on the ground which, little by little, will come alive and expand over time. workshops led as much by urban planners as by militant circles.

Urban treks and festive moments

The event will be wandering on Saturday June 18 with ten à la carte outings to discover Geneva and Greater Geneva, whether by boat, on horseback or around the Léman Express. By reservation, some walks will be more like strolling, such as explorations with stories and sounds through headphones, while “urban treks” will more actively engage participants as attentive explorers relating their impressions and their opinions at the end of the day.

In this abundant program could not miss the festive moments, such as the sets of music concocted every day by local DJs, with the exception of Saturday evening which will notably see the participation of the Parisian musician Molécule. The electronic music composer likes to incorporate into his compositions recordings in often hostile natural environments, from Greenland, where he captures the cracking of icebergs, to Portugal, where he tapes microphones to surfers’ boards attacking the gigantic wave of Nazaré.

ExploreFestival, from June 14 to 18 in Geneva. Closing day on Sunday June 19 at Onex.

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