In Geneva, a study credit of 20 million to develop the bike

The Geneva Grand Council voted on Thursday a study credit of just over 20 million francs aimed at developing strong axes intended for cyclists throughout the canton. Work could begin in 2026 and end in 2032.

The bill was accepted by 71 votes to 19. A total of twelve axes were identified. The objective is to effectively connect the different urban centers of the canton while ensuring overall consistency with the region. The study will have to estimate the necessary templates, evaluate the land hardness or even identify the sectors to be improved.

Reduce motorized traffic by 40%

This credit of 20.15 million is part of the implementation of the cantonal climate plan. Developed by the Council of State, this plan sets a 60% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030, carbon neutrality by 2040 and a 40% reduction in individual motorized traffic by 2030.

“We must therefore offer alternatives,” said State Councilor Serge Dal Busco. “When the cycling facilities are made, their attendance is spectacular,” insisted the State Councilor. Nearly a hundred kilometers of tracks are planned with these new axes, he added, justifying in passing the amount of the study credit.

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Ultimately, an investment of 130 million

By creating strong axes for bicycles, the objective is to increase the modal share of cycling from 10 to 16%. The credit aims not only to create strong axes for bicycles, i.e. dedicated cycling facilities, but also greenways which are intended for all types of soft mobility.

This is only a first step. Once things have been refined, it is planned to come back with a bill to release 130 million francs for the implementation phase.

“This credit is a lot, but very little compared to what has been done for the bike in the last decade”, underlined the socialist Grégoire Carasso. A vision diametrically opposed to that of MCG deputy Patrick Dimier, who protested against the amount granted. He castigated the means made available for this type of mobility which, according to him, does not bring a penny to the State.

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