In France, the law on purchasing power passes the course of the Assembly

After four days of discussions and a whole night of heated debates, the French deputies adopted in first reading the “emergency” bill for purchasing power, a text intended to mitigate the effects of inflation and the energy crisis. The text must now pass to the Senate next Thursday. MEPs meanwhile are looking today at the amending budget, the second leg of this “purchasing power package” allowing the implementation of certain other measures.

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The text adopted last night served as a test for Emmanuel Macron’s camp. Now deprived of an absolute majority in parliament, he had to count on the support of elected officials from the parties of the traditional right and the far right, who timidly welcomed certain “advances”. The National Rally sticks to its “constructive” opposition position which does not intend to prevent the passing of laws which, if they do not go far enough and not fast enough for it, can help the French “in an emergency” . The new union of the left, it votes largely against, believing that the tracks chosen are not the right ones.

“Ayatollahs”, “fachos”, “nullities”: atmosphere in the Assembly

After a night peppered with invective, the first major text of the legislature was validated shortly before 6 a.m. by 341 votes for, 116 against and 21 abstentions. The Socialists mostly abstained, unlike the rest of their alliance, the Melenchonist Nupes, which voted against.

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“Ayatollahs”, “fachos”, “nullities”: the attacks flared up for long hours, sometimes giving the Assembly the air of an uncontrollable enclosure, in particular between the elected National Rally and the left alliance who attacked each other on both sides of the hemicycle.

What the text provides

The text provides in particular for the tripling of the cap on an exceptional purchasing power bonus (called the “Macron bonus”, and strongly pointed out by the left) which can be paid to certain employees by their employer while being exempt from taxes. and social levies.

MEPs also approved at first reading the capping of rent increases at 3.5% in France and the facilitation of online termination of subscriptions.

The government text has come under very severe criticism on measures aimed at preparing for the end of Russian gas in France. The left-wing MEPs protested in particular against the introduction of derogations from environmental law in order to speed up the commissioning of an LNG terminal in Le Havre capable of transporting gas from other countries and by which could transit American shale gas. “If the decision is to replace Putin’s gas with American shale gas, it’s pure madness,” thundered the Green MP Delphine Batho.

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