In Cœur d’Hérault, the American Burger King is launching a local recruitment campaign

The fast food brand offers 50 permanent contracts, including 10 full-time for its restaurant, which will open at Bosc on October 20.

While construction work is underway, the first two information meetings began on Monday June 20 in the gallery of the neighboring Leclerc supermarket.

In partnership with Pôle Emploi, the Burger King brand, which will open a restaurant in the La Méridienne area in Le Bosc on October 20, is recruiting 50 people, almost all of them on permanent contracts.

No specific profile

“We need 40 team members plus ten full-time management staff, including the director, says the boss, Jérôme Caniccio. There is no particular profile or qualification, we have room for everyone with prospects for development in the company”. If it starts timidly, recruitment should quickly accelerate.

“We have sessions in June, July and August based on the MRS, the simulation recruitment methodadds Laurent Droulin, team manager at the Clermont-l’Hérault Pôle Emploi. At the end of the information meetings, and before a final interview, those interested will take life-size tests.

According to the specifications of the company. “It’s a method that we use for service professions, the selection is made on the search for the candidates’ abilities and skills.confirms Rémi Piola, MRS adviser at Pôle Emploi. But to recruit 50 people, you need a lot more requests, but we see that in rural areas, unlike in cities, mobility is a hindrance for some. It is more difficult despite the local context”.

New brand, new project

At 49, Jérôme Caniccio, in the center, is changing fast food brands.

Coming from fast food, “I spent thirty years at Mc Do”, Jérôme Caniccio, originally from the north and living in Perpignan, decided, at 49, to leave his post for a new adventure. And a new sign in the La Méridienne area, along the A75 south of Lodève in the town of Bosc.

There are two McDonalds in Clermont and Gignac, there will now be a Burger King in Lodévois from October 20. “We come to develop an interesting family project, with my wife, on an atypical site, a stone’s throw from Lake Salagou”, continues the franchisee.

“It’s a bet, with several customers to capture. That of fast food, you have to go to Béziers or Saint-Jean-de-Védas to find the sign, but also that of the highway in the summer, supermarket and petrol station”. One of the busiest in France during the summer.

“I was very well received, whether by local elected officials, the employment center and its partners, the boss of Leclerc and the traders in the area”. Jérôme Caniccio arrives in an area whose development has accelerated, in a wider Cœur d’Hérault.

“With Cédric Deymier, who runs the supermarket, we have two very active entrepreneurs in this area which is finally taking off”, adds the mayor of Bosc, Jérôme Valat. “It is an important site for economic development and employment. It must also become so for the influence of the territory if we manage to send some of the people who stop there to the natural, cultural and heritage sites that we we have at home”.

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