In cinemas from today: This crazy horror film gives you the creeps with a particularly nasty trick

Starting today, you can see Men in cinemas, which mixes elements of horror cinema and science fiction in a vicious way. We tell you what the nasty trick of the strip is.

With the zombie flick “28 Days Later”, the extremely malicious science fiction thriller “Ex Machina” and the Netflix production “Extermination”, the British director Alex Garland make a name for himself among movie fans. Now he delivers “men” the next sophisticated horror work.

“Men” is a Science fiction and horror thrillerwho in his 110 minutes Running time tells the story of Harper Marlowe (Jessie Buckley). After the death of her ex-husband James, the young woman leaves alone on a holiday to rural England, where she meets local Geoffrey (Rory Kinnear), who rents her a holiday home. But what was planned as a relaxed trip quickly degenerates into true nerve torture.

Of the highlight of the film is in the process of having all the men Harper meets in the film played by the same actor (Rory Kinnear) – with the exception of her ex-husband James Marlowe, who only appears in flashbacks, and Paapa Essiedu (“Murder on the Orient Express”) is played. This creates a feeling of unease that you can already see in the trailer:

This is how “Men” is received by the public and the trade press

In the run-up, Alex Garland was able to convince film journalists with “Men” for the most part. Out of 55 reviews on Metacritic, 31 are positive, 23 are mixed and one is negative, giving the film a Meta score of 65 points bestows. on Rotten Tomatoes is the Critics rating 69%while the audience engages in a Rating of 40% far more dissatisfied shows. But it’s best if you get your own picture of “Men”, which will be shown in German cinemas from Thursday, July 21, 2022.

If you’re interested in more horror cinema or want to familiarize yourself with Alex Garland’s previous works, you can purchase “28 Days Later”, “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation” on DVD or Blu-ray from Amazon. You can also find the latter title in the Netflix offer, which you can access with the Sky Q Netflix combo package.

How well do you know yourselves in the spooky spheres of horror cinema? Test it now in our quiz:

Do you recognize the horror films only by the victims?

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