In "Big Brother 2022" They want to stretch the repechage: the reasons

The rating of Argentine television was shaken with the start of Big Brother 2022”. The reality of teleph conducted by Santiago del Moro managed to exceed 20 points, something that had not been achieved since “MasterChef Celebrity Argentina”.

From the beginning it was known that the program would last four monthsbut a few days ago it was revealed that, in addition, the format will have a repechage, through which one of the eliminated will be allowed to re-enter. So far, there are five options: Tomás Holder, Martina Stewart, Mora Jabornisky, Juan Reverdito Y Lucila “the Torah” Villar.

Although the taxi driver was the one who left the house with the highest percentage in this edition of “GH”, the 42-year-old man and “la Tora” are the favorites of the public to compete again. Both options would generate a great scandal among the “little brothers”, since they are two characters who had big confrontations with their companions inside the house.

As reported the pavada of Daily Chronicleif the rating accompanies, in the production of ” Big Brother” are planning to make the repechage last and compete with “The hotel of the famous 2” in midsummer 2023. In other words, they are going to stretch the format until it gives no more milk.

It is estimated that ' <a href=Big Brother 2022′ would end in February 2023.” data-height=”419″ data-size=”w:2000,h:1127″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=”https://” title=”It is estimated that ‘Big Brother 2022’ would end in February 2023.” vspace=”5 “>
It is estimated that “Big Brother 2022” would end in February 2023.

As for the locked up, the players Cotithe former deputy Romina Y Julietat dawn They talked about voting for Juliana, who kicked out La Tora. Of course the landline is still Alpha, enlarged and sure that people save him. He watched the game with the 12 colleagues from confinement, but he is not interested in football, although he is from River. While, Coti, very jealous of the Rabbit, does not want to let him go to a bachelor party. Long soap opera.

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