In Belgium, 91% of health care staff are vaccinated against coronavirus

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In total, 91% already have a complete vaccination schedule (two doses). They are only 75% in the Brussels Region against 86% in Wallonia and 95% in Flanders, according to data communicated on Saturday by the Vaccination taskforce.

This specifies that the statistics are based on a database (CoBRHA) containing all persons holding a health professional diploma. Some with such a diploma do not necessarily practice a health profession on a daily basis. The number of people in this sector is estimated at 540,000.

Regarding children, the taskforce specified that 30,228 aged 5 to 11 had already been vaccinated, mainly in Flanders since Wallonia only started the pilot phase of this campaign this week.

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Immunocompromised people aged 12 and over are mostly covered by the additional dose of vaccine (92.2%), but this public, representing 325,000 people, may be called again in February for a “fourth” dose.

Israel has already begun, at the beginning of the year, to administer a fourth dose to its immunocompromised population. Brazil and Chile also plan to do so. In Belgium, the Superior Health Council has yet to decide on this subject.

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