In Antwerp, Nike destroys new sneakers under cover of an ecological project

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Under the guise of an ecological project, Nike destroys tens of thousands of new sneakers in Herenthout, in the province of Antwerp, according to an investigation by Le Vif and Knack magazines and the German channel ARD.

At several stores of the sports giant in Europe and the United States, customers can bring back their old sneakers for recycling. These should be used in particular to make floors for playgrounds and sports complexes, boasts Nike through its “Nike Grind” project.

However, the brand did not want to reveal to journalists where these sneakers were processed. The latter then placed a GPS tracker on the sneakers collected and the signal led them to Antwerp, in an inter-municipal industrial grinding, where it appeared that, among the destroyed sneakers, there were also several thousand new sneakers, according to the authorities. three media.

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The sports giant denies the results of the investigation, arguing that “unworn or flawless products are put back on sale”.

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