"In all friendship": This popular character is not returning in 2022

“In all friendship”
This popular character is not returning in 2022

“In all friendship”: The actors of the series.

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The current series news in the GALA ticker: “In all friendship”: SHE will probably stay away from the Sachsenklinik for a long time +++ “Storm of Love” + “Red Roses”: Both telenovelas have to give way to another event +++ today “In all friendship”: No new episodes of the hospital series for weeks.

The series news in the GALA ticker

November 24, 2022

“In all friendship”: The separation of Miriam and Rieke lasts longer than expected

“In all friendship” fans thought – probably just like Miriam (Christina Petersen, 32) – that the separation from Rieke (Liza Tzschirmer, 35) would only be temporary: at the end of August she received an offer for three months in Peru to work in a school. A more than impractical timing, as both actually wanted to take care of their foster child Cosmo (Max Bär). In the meantime, three months have passed, but all signs indicate that Rieke will now be away longer.

"In all friendship": Rieke (left) stays in Peru longer than expected

“In all friendship”: Rieke (left) stays in Peru longer than expected.

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Because in the last episode, which was broadcast on ARD on Tuesday, November 22nd, Rieke announced by phone that the partner school would probably need her for a while longer. “That means she won’t come back for the time being. At least not so soon,” answers a visibly annoyed Miriam when asked by colleagues. A message that is not well received by Cosmo either. In fact, Rieke doesn’t appear in the previews of the new episodes either – which raises the question of when (and maybe even if) the character and actress will return. One thing is already clear: this year the fans will no longer be able to see them.

November 23, 2022

“Storm of Love” and “Red Roses” are canceled because of the World Cup

“Storm of Love” and “Red Roses” fans have a pretty boring Wednesday ahead of them, because both telenovelas will not be broadcast on November 23rd. The reason is an event that is the subject of social controversy: the World Cup in Qatar. The game between Germany and Japan starts at 2 p.m. After the national team successfully contested the friendly against Oman, it’s now all about the game.

"Red Roses" must also give way to the sports event of the year

“Red Roses” must also give way to the sports event of the year.

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Another preliminary round match will then follow at 5 p.m.: In Group E, Spain will play Costa Rica. There is a small consolation for those who would rather have watched their beloved series on Wednesday: On the one hand, they can always switch to the media library and watch the episodes online, on the other hand, both telenovelas will be broadcast regularly again on Thursday, November 24th.

November 22, 2022

“In all friendship”: The next new episode will only be available shortly before Christmas

“In all friendship” fans must be strong for the next few weeks, because their favorite hospital series will be canceled for weeks. On Tuesday, November 22, there will be a new episode before it even continues in December – but then with repetitions. Because next week, Tuesday, November 29, “In All Friendship” will give way to the World Cup in Qatar.

The following week, on December 6th, there is the weekly dose of the hospital series, but a repeat will be broadcast. The same applies to December 13th. Only shortly before Christmas, on Tuesday, December 20th, can viewers look forward to two new episodes, the content of which will be highly dramatic: stab wounds and even the plague ensure that the time for the employees of the Sachsenklinik is everything else as contemplative.

November 21, 2022

“Storm of Love”: Max cannot accept the separation from Vanessa – can her love still be saved?

“Storm of Love” fans didn’t see it coming: When Carolin (Katrin Anne Heß, 42) came to the Fürstenhof, fans feared that she would break up Michael (Erich Altenkopf, 53) and Rosalie (Natalie Alison, 44) – how then it happened. But in the end she didn’t find her great love with him, but with a completely different person: Vanessa (Jeannine Gaspár, 30), who is actually happy with Max (Stefan Hartmann, 32). Over the past few weeks, the relationship between the two women has grown stronger and stronger – neither of them can seriously deny that they have no romantic feelings for the other.

But of course that makes it impossible to continue their respective relationships with the men. While Carolin has already separated from Michael, Vanessa cannot take this step at first: she wants a “classic” family with Max and a child too much. But over the next few weeks, Vanessa will realize that her heart longs for Carolin. At a moment when Max is looking for her closeness, she blurts out: she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. But Max cannot accept this decision: he decides to fight for Vanessa and asks her to give their love another chance. He has no idea that his ex-girlfriend has long since given her heart to someone else.

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