"In all friendship"-Star Jutta Kammann: Has been kicked out of the series "hurt insanely"

Jutta Kammann was an integral part of the successful series for 16 years “In all friendship”. Her sudden sacking tore the floor from under her feet. In the interview, she remembers this painful experience and explains what saved her from depression during this time.

From 1998 to 2014 she played the role of head nurse Ingrid Rischke in the series “In all friendship”. That Jutta Kammann, 77, got this role at all was unusual. “I was already 48. And at 48, a woman in our trade can hardly have a second career”, she explains in an interview with Nico Gutjahr for the “Webtalkshow” on Youtube.

“In all friendship”-Rolle saved them from poverty in old age

After the death of her husband, director Wilhelm Semmelroth, in 1992, she was left with nothing, had taken care of him for the past ten years. “And that I succeeded again was of course a very big deal and, to be honest, it saved me from old-age poverty”, said the now 77-year-old.

Jutta Kammann found out about the series dismissal from her colleague

Although annual contracts are normal in the industry, Jutta Kammann managed to stay with the ensemble for over a decade. Until she ended her career in 2014 “In all friendship” learned – in the mask on the set. “Yeah, that wasn’t so nice. That went wrong”she remembers. A colleague knew about it before her and said to her: “I have been informed and there will be some old heads rolling here in the near future”. A heavy blow for the actress. “That hurt a lot. It hurt a lot”she confesses.

Relocation to the retirement home at the age of 70

With her surprising end to the series and the diagnosis of macular degeneration, an eye disease that can lead to severe visual impairment, Jutta Kammann made a big decision. At the age of 70 she moved to the Augustinum, a senior citizens’ residence in Munich. She suddenly got scared, knew that she probably wouldn’t get any more roles.

“And then I sit all alone in my beautiful penthouse, which I had, and get depressed because I have no friends, no environment”, says the native Heidenheimer. Social contacts are “a hundred times more important than beautiful furniture or large square meters”. She is happy in her new home, enjoys the diverse cultural program and has made some good friends.

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“This is just right for the heart”

In her book “Red-haired and determined – there is no such thing as giving up” she tells of her life, what she experienced, the difficult relationship with her mother and, among other things, delighted her roommates in the senior citizens’ residence with a reading.

A big highlight for Jutta Kammann today are the guest appearances at “In all friendship”, where it was last seen last June. She is then welcomed on set with open arms. “It’s home”, she raves about her colleagues and employees. “Everyone is so extraordinarily kind and good to me, that is just the right thing for the heart.”

Help with depression

Are you showing signs of depression? At the national Crisis hotline on 0800 1110111 help is provided quickly and anonymously! Further information is also available from the German Depression Aid Foundation.

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