"In all friendship": Becomes "In all friendship" continued?

The current series news in the GALA ticker: “In all friendship – the young doctors”: the future of the series is a done deal +++ “Red roses”: farewell to Sara +++ “In all friendship”: Kathrin has to die afraid of her daughter.

The series news in the GALA ticker

June 16, 2022

“In all friendship – the young doctors”: This is how the popular series continues

“All Friendship – The Young Doctors”, the spin-off of the ARD production “All Friendship” is one of the more successful series in public broadcasting. The eighth season is currently running – and fans can be happy, because a ninth season has already been approved by the NDR Broadcasting Council: Accordingly, the hospital series will be continued with new episodes in spring 2023. 42 episodes are to be produced – so fans of the stories from the Johannes Thal Clinic will get their money’s worth at least until 2024.

The decision of the broadcasting council is not a big surprise in view of the ratings, after all, an average of around 2.3 million viewers tune in. Particularly pleasing for the ARD: While other productions such as “Storm of Love” and “Rote Rosen” struggle to attract younger audiences, “In All Friendship – The Young Doctors” was able to capture the market share among 14 to 49 year olds from more than seven percent recently to 11.2 percent.

June 15, 2022

“Red Roses”: Sara turns her back on Simon and Lüneburg

“Rote Rosen” viewers have to cope with the departure of another actress: Antonia Jungwirth, 30, who knows the fans in the role of Sara, is leaving Lüneburg and with it the telenovela. Tuesday, June 14, 2022 was her last appearance. When buying a pram with her mother, the pregnant woman had serious doubts about her relationship with Simon (Thore Lüthje, 29), which confirmed her final decision. She decides to move back in with her mother and breaks up with Simon, who doesn’t take it lightly.

The fans on Instagram react partly with sadness, partly with relief at the end of Jungwirth’s role. Some viewers regret the separation of Sara and Simon: “It’s a shame, I would have been happy if Simon and Sara had stayed together.” Some fans will miss the role even without a love relationship: “Sara was and is a great one. The spark jumped over here immediately.” Others are more pleased with the development: “The role was annoying.” Another person sees it similarly, who writes: “No offense meant, but: finally”. She receives a lot of approval from other users for this.

June 14, 2022

“In all friendship”: Dr. Kathrin Globisch’s daughter is admitted with serious injuries

“In All Friendship” shows a highly dramatic episode on Tuesday, June 14, 2022: In “Missteps”, the daughter of Dr. Kathrin Globisch (Andrea Kathrin Loewig, 55) was taken to the Sachsenklinik with serious injuries. After being kicked by her horse, her condition is critical. With difficulty, Dr. Roland Heilmann (Thomas Rühmann, 67) to stop the massive bleeding in an emergency operation. Kathrin’s daughter’s condition only seems to stabilize for a short time – the very next day her liver and vital signs deteriorate enormously.

Meanwhile, the street magician Robin Engels (Hardy Punzel, 25) entertains both the staff and the patients with card tricks. Only with Dr. Kai Hoffmann (Julian Weigend, 50) is not particularly well received. When his new fitness watch also disappears, he wants to confront Robin.

June 13, 2022

“Storm of Love”: For the time being, the final episode of the telenovela will come on July 22nd

“Storm of Love” fans have been prepared for this for a long time, now the time has been set: the popular telenovela will go on summer break from Friday, July 22nd. ARD will change the afternoon program for a few weeks and try out new formats. “Storm of Love” will then be replaced by “Team Hirschhausen – Simply Live Better”, which will be broadcast from Monday, July 25, at 3:10 p.m. The show is intended to be a mix of afternoon talk and late night show and will focus on issues such as mental health and sustainable living.

It is no coincidence that the ARD does not show repeats of the telenovela as usual, but tries out new programs: both “Sturm der Liebe” and “Rote Rosen” have been problem children for the ARD for a long time. “In view of our limited resources, we have to consider whether we can still afford a fictional offer in the afternoon,” said ARD program director Christine Strobl in an interview with DWDL.de at the end of 2021. The numbers are stable overall, but one would “probably not reach new target groups” – not even via the media library. For this reason, ARD is trying out new formats that could replace “Sturm der Liebe” and “Rote Rosen” in the long term, both of which have initially been extended until the end of 2023.

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