In a thong, Larissa Manoela appears in unpublished photos of her romantic trip with André Luiz Frambach

After the end of the recordings of “Além da Illusion” (check out the next chapters), Larissa Manoela decided to take a vacation with her boyfriend, André Luiz Frambach, and friends. The chosen destination was Búzios, in Rio de Janeiro. On social media, the actress is updating her followers with several photos from the trip.

In the images, Larissa appears in a black thong bikini on the beach with friends. In addition, the actress also separated a story to post a romantic picture of her boyfriend: André Luiz’s eyes with the caption “I get lost here”.

Larissa Manoela and André Luiz Frambach had a quick affair in September last year. In early July, the couple took up the relationship after some time apart.

Larissa Manoela explains why she returned with André Luiz Frambach


Since they officially took over the romance, Larissa and André Luiz have not been separated: there are countless events where they appear together. In an interview with Lucas Pasin, from Uol, the actors explained why they decided to give love another chance.

“When it’s meant to be, it happens,” they said. “We made the movie [“Modo Avião”, na Netflix] and it was amazing. The affection and respect always existed. We allowed ourselves in 2021, we experienced something and it was amazing. But at that moment, it wasn’t meant to be. Now it is,” added Larissa.

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