In a huge red dress with sequins, Mariah Carey lets go for a commercial … McDonald’s, and causes a wave of reaction!

This one, nobody expected. The Christmas queen, in an ad for the McDonald’s brand? Yes Yes. Mariah Carey fans are in heaven, while the rest of the world laughs at the top of their lungs.

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This Tuesday, November 16, McDonald’s unveiled its new special Christmas campaign on social networks. In it, the brand announces the release of a special menu, in collaboration with the American singer. As the undisputed queen of Christmas, thanks to her title “All I want for Christmas is you”, Mariah Carey was without a doubt the best for this privilege.

The “Mariah Menu” therefore. Available from December 13 to 24 in the USA, this unique and original menu offers that, for each order placed on the brand’s application, one of the singer’s favorite products will be added as a gift to the order. It will therefore be possible to win the famous cheeseburger she loves, or a chocolate muffin. Each day the gifts will change based on Mariah Carey’s list. A collaboration that the singer seemed to be waiting for a long time, “This is the greatest Christmas present I could imagine! My Christmas wish was granted this year, my own menu at one of my favorite restaurants.”

And for good reason, his most unforgettable memories are at McDonald’s “Some of my best memories with my kids are our family outings at McDonald’s, and obviously each of us has our favorite. Me it’s the cheeseburger, plus pickles.” here is what to give ideas!

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