In a book, Patrick Sébastien reveals that he suffered and recovered from kidney cancer

“Live and be reborn every day”. This is the title of the new book by Patrick Sébastien, known to all for his famous entertainment show “The Biggest Cabaret in the World”.

At 68, the former host and humorist recounts the ordeals he has gone through in recent months, and admits in particular having suffered, and recovered, from kidney cancer at the start of the year. “I’m 68 years old and I just went through a real tsunami. I took the mouthful for two years: the disgusting eviction of France Télévisions, important bereavements linked to relatives, my separation with Nana and kidney cancer with a big operation. I still have a 40 centimeter scar”, indicates the ex-host at the microphone of our colleagues from TVMagazine.

Patrick Sébastien indicates that it is a question in this case of his second cancer, which, like the first, was diagnosed by luck, by chance.I did a follow-up ultrasound to see if everything was okay. My doctor Georges saw a small white spot so he had me do an MRI and a biopsy. He finally discovered cancer”, he says. Non-invasive and small, the tumor was removed during surgery that required 8 hours of anesthesia.

The word cancer does not scare me. Simply, I did not want to publicize it”, explains Patrick Sébastien to TV magazine. The comedian, singer and ex-host believes that cancer is interesting to mediate when it is cured.

Indicating not to fear death, Patrick Sébastien said to himself in favor of euthanasia, he who saw his mother being “drag from hospital bed to hospital bed”. “In my life, I have had meals with caviar, champagne, I don’t want to end up with a rotten madeleine and a spoiled compote!”, warns Patrick Sébastien, who says he is able to get away with it “put a”, with a smile, if he feels real physical and mental decline. “It’s an act of courage and not cowardice contrary to what some say”, he adds.

“I would like this book to help all those who are experiencing bereavement, difficulties, illnesses, to REBORN“, writes Patrick Sébastien on his Twitter account. His book “Live and be reborn every day”, published by XO editions, will appear on September 29th.

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