In a bikini, Viviane Araujo shows surprising growth in her pregnancy belly. Photos!

7 months pregnant, Viviane Araujo has been taking advantage of her days off to enjoy a paradise beach. The actress, who stole the show with a crop top and jeans combo, surprised by the size of her pregnancy belly, which is heading towards the final stretch.

+ See Joaquim, Viviane Araujo’s first child, touching his mother’s belly!

The Drum Queen published a series of travel records on social media and filmed her pregnancy belly very closely (+ check out the photos and videos in the gallery). Viviane and her husband, Guilherme Militão, with whom she has been married since September, are spending a season on Ilha de Jaguanum, located in Mangaratiba, a famous tourist destination in Rio de Janeiro. The daily rate of the place where the couple is staying costs R$1,039.



Viviane satisfied the fans’ curiosity by telling, in detail, how the mother, Dona Neusa, discovered that she would have a grandchild.

“It was on the 24th to the 25th of Christmas, she didn’t believe it. [disse]: ‘lie!’. She got goosebumps, didn’t she? She made a face that was going to cry with happiness, hugged me and hugged Guilherme. She didn’t really expect it. It was really nice to tell my mother,” said Viviane.

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