In a bikini, Jade Picon shows off her belly on the beach in Rio. See the pictures!

With her belly cracked after losing 5 kg, Jade Picon shared photos on Instagram wearing a blue bikini with fashion trends, this Friday afternoon (05). The new global actress bet on a model with thin straps, fixed top and a matching skirt.

On Twitter, Jade’s clicks drew praise. “Sextou and I already wanted to drink, but my focus on Jade Picon belly is bigger”, joked an internet user. “A true mermaid!”, praised another. “I’m absolutely sure that if I had the body of Jade Picon I would be much happier in my life”, commented another.

Jade Picon performs surgery

Jade Picon used her Instagram to share the news with her followers. Escalated to the cast of the soap opera “Travessia”, the influencer informed her absence for some time from social networks due to a medical procedure. She said she suffers from TMD, which is a temporomandibular disorder and orofacial pain.

“I’m going to be a little off today for tomorrow. I have TMD, I have medical follow-up and everything, I have a dysfunction. Anyway, I’m going to do an infiltration to help me with this problem I have, generated by stress… It’s been bothering me for a while”, she said, before almost kissing Gabriel Medina on video.

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