Improvisation and good rhythm merged this Saturday in "Flow A lo Panameño"

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The first gala of the second edition of “Flow A lo Panameño”, premiered this Saturday on the Telemetro screens, where rhyme and improvisation gave something to talk about, mixing the genres of the tenth and the urban genre.

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From the hand of talented troubadours such as Jazmín Muñoz, Eliot Aizpurúa and Sebastián Chan García; as well as new rap figures like Atemporal and Zandert Free, commanded by Real Phantom; we witnessed what happens when these musical genres merge.

The duos were explosive and they went like this:

– Eliot Aizpurúa y Real Phantom.

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– Jasmine Muñoz and Atemporal.

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– Sebastián Chan García and Zandert Free.

The qualifying jury made up of the television producer, Elena Llorach; Eloy Pincay, the man from the “Reventón de Las Mañanas”; and Rolo De León, from Comando Tiburon; They gave their appreciations after the presentations that were very good.

Without a doubt, these guys do have a talent for improvisation. Bravo!

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