Impressive images on our roads this Wednesday evening: a stolen BMW crashes after 170 kilometers of chase with the police

A black BMW refused to submit to a police check on Wednesday in Dunkirk. The patrol found by checking the plate that the vehicle was declared stolen. When she wanted to carry out the check, the driver took off with a bang and a chase began.

This ended 170 kilometers further along the E19, near Kontich. The driver had initially taken the E40 where he had managed to escape the police, but the officers eventually found him.

Impressive pictures


On the images filmed by a dashcam, we can observe the BMW driving at full speed, closely pursued by the police patrol. During the chase, several vehicles were struck.

Find the video here.

The driver was not injured in the crash and was arrested by authorities. The 39-year-old suffered multiple injuries and was therefore taken to hospital, where he will be questioned tomorrow.

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