Immunization obligation should not be limited to the healthcare sector, says CSC

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Another action of the CSC was to be carried out in the afternoon at the ISPCC in Charleroi.

“In recent days, we have been carrying out actions throughout the French-speaking part of the country,” said Véronique Sabel, national secretary at the CSC public services. “There is a great fear among workers to know what will happen from January 1st. We are under pressure to be vaccinated, we will lose our jobs. Workers tell us it’s their choice not to get the vaccine. Others want to change sector, which would exacerbate the shortage in hospitals, while we have been demanding for many years a refinancing of our sector. “

The feeling of the workers is, according to the representative of the CSC, misunderstanding and injustice “while our workers have been on the bridge unwaveringly.”

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