Imminent imprisonment in the baby luck: Bushido accused of arson

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Imminent imprisonment in baby luck
Bushido charged with arson

Bushido is actually making headlines with cute baby photos of his triplets. Now the news about the rapper is getting darker again: The Potsdam public prosecutor is accusing him of arson at his own house. It would not be the first of its kind.

This news is likely to disturb the baby idyll of the freshly baked triplet father Bushido: The Potsdam public prosecutor’s office is bringing charges against Anis Ferchichi, as his real name is. The rapper is accused of community arson. The public prosecutor’s office confirmed this to the “Stern”.

Accordingly, Bushido is said to have commissioned two accomplices in December 2013 to set fire to the roof structure of his house in Kleinmachnow. For this they should probably receive 5000 euros each. One of the two has now told a third party about the fact, as reported by the “Stern”. The two accomplices were also charged.

The 43-year-old should have wanted to circumvent the regulations for the renovation of the listed villa. According to the research, his wish was to “torch” the roof structure of the house and a room in order to damage the old structure. He then no longer had to take into account any regulations during the renovation and was also reimbursed for the damage by the insurance company.

Unusually many insurance claims?

If convicted, the rapper faces a sentence of up to ten years in prison. When determining the sentence, the judges would also include his previous convictions. As early as 2014, Ferchichi was sentenced to an eleven-month suspended sentence for faking a break into his ornamental fish shop.

In general, a few calls to the father’s insurance company have accumulated. He is said to have reported the loss of a diamond bracelet worth 230,000 euros by 2015. “Stern”, however, has a photo of an almost identical bracelet from 2017. The insurance company also compensated him for a robbery on his luxury boutique “Baby & Luxury”.

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The police had already noticed the large number of cases – the investigations into insurance fraud have been discontinued, according to the paper. Bushido has so far not commented on the indictment after the “Stern” asked.

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