Imam Iquioussen was expelled to Morocco

UpdateImam Hassan Iquioussen has been sent back to Morocco, announced the Secretary of State, Nicole de Moor.


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01-13-23, 21:59


Moroccan imam Hassan Iquioussen was expelled Friday to Morocco by Belgium, where he was arrested on September 30 after his expulsion from France for “remarks inciting hatred and discrimination”, announced his French lawyer, Lucie Simon, to AFP.

Flight to Belgium

Without waiting for a final French validation of his expulsion order, he had fled to Belgium. After his arrest in the Mons region, he was placed in a closed center near Liège in mid-November for illegal residence and subject to an order to leave Belgian territory.

Deportation to Casablanca

The preacher was finally expelled to Casablanca after the issue Thursday of a pass by the Moroccan authorities, said Me Lucie Simon.

“Good cooperation” with France

The Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, Nicole de Moor, praised “the good cooperation” with France on this file, confirming the dismissal of the person concerned. “We cannot allow an extremist to roam our territory. Anyone who does not have the right to be here must be fired,” she commented.


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