Images that hurt the eyes: a Lamborghini Urus costing more than 300,000 euros set on fire in the middle of the night, “a woman began to cry out loud”

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The images can offend the sensitivity of car lovers, and yet… On the night of Thursday to Friday, around 1:30 am, a Lamborghini Urus was set on fire in a street in Eindhoven. If they quickly moved there, the firefighters could do nothing to save the vehicle, whose value is estimated at more or less 300,000 euros.

A witness said: “I was still awake at that time. Someone threw something on fire under the car, then a woman started screaming loudly. The whole car caught fire, ”he explains to AD.

At present, the intentions of the arsonist are not known. The owner of the Lamborghini has filed a complaint with the police.

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