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The movie “On the Road to Madison” was directed in 1995 by Clint Eastwood. He stars alongside Meryl Streep in a magnificent romance. The film, which has become cult today, takes place in a rural setting, but what remains of the house and the mythical covered bridge?

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Filming On the road to Madison directed by Clint Eastwood, takes place in Iowa especially in Winterset where the famous Roseman covered bridge is located. The farm where Francesca (Meryl Streep) lives, is an authentic farm bought by the production and fully restored. This place had been abandoned for over 30 years.

The synopsis of the film is as follows: The life of Francesca, a discreet and withdrawn woman, is reduced to chores on the farm. While her husband and children are away for four days, she meets Robert Kincaid unexpectedly, passing photographer. Their relationship, made of respect and delicacy, turns into passionate love. For four days Francesca is another woman, finally finding its fulfillment near this man who knows how to understand her and make her dream.

Image of the day: On the road to madison © Amblin Entertainment

Unfortunately, the magnificent building, pictured above, has been reduced to ashes by arson in October 2003. Only a month before, the famous wooden bridge of lovers “Cedar bridge” where Robert and Francesca meet in the film, was also destroyed by an arsonist … Fortunately, the feature film will forever keep the magnificent images of these symbolic places.

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