Image of the day: Marie-Thérèse in Life is a long quiet river

Directed by Etienne Chatiliez, the film “Life is a long quiet river” follows two families, with very different lifestyles. Among the Le Quesnoys we find Marie-Thérèse, the housekeeper, played by Catherine Jacob. Take a look back at one of the film’s cult scenes.

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The principle is very simple : every day of the week at 7 a.m., CineSeries offers you an unusual, striking or humorous image or video.

The film Life is a long quiet river came out on the big screen in 1988. We find there Benoît Magimel, still very young, but also Valérie Lalonde, Abbes Zahmani, André Wilms, Catherine Hiegel, Christine Pignet, Claire Prévost among others. The synopsis of the film is as follows:

In a small town in the north of France, two large families, the “Le Quesno” (bourgeois Catholic) and “Les Groseilles” (popular proletariat), of very different origins, should never have met. It was without counting on Josette, Doctor Mavial’s nurse, in love and tired of waiting for him to leave his wife. In a moment of bewilderment, the gentle nurse exchanged two newborns, a Redcurrant against a Le Quesnoy, to take revenge on life and the doctor …

Our image of the day above is one of the cult scenes from the film. Marie-Thérèse, the cleaning lady embodied by Catherine Jacob, is found in an incredible conversation with her boss, Madame Le Quesnoy (Hélène Vincent). She explains to him that she is pregnant, although she has never dated a boy. This situation is incomprehensible for the mother of the family, who is beside herself!

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