Image of the day: Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Paul Rudd own a candy store

For many Jeffey Dean Morgan is the big bad Negan in “The Walking Dead”, but imagine that this big tough also hides a soft side. He owns a candy store in Rhinebeck, NY with the sexiest heck man of 2021: Paul Rudd!

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Actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Paul Rudd are longtime friends and they are apparently big fans of candy! The two actors decided, a few years ago, to take over a confectionery store located in Rhinebeck, New York. So the big bad Negan would have a tender and melting side? Indeed, it is his interpreter who decided to save this old shop.

Image du jour : Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Paul Rudd ©Facebook Samuel Sweet’s shop

By allying with Paul Rudd aka Ant-Man, or the man named sexiest of the year 2021, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has embarked on a new adventure. He had explained himself on this subject on the set of Stephen Colbert:

The first person I met in the town of Rhinebeck was Ira Gutner, and the candy store belonged to him. He passed away a few years ago and Paul and I didn’t want the store to turn into a smoothie shop or something like that. This store has been around since the early 1990s, so we were like “Let’s collect our money and buy ourselves a candy store!”

And this new activity is not to displease his children who like to spend time in the Samuel Sweet’s Shop accompanied by their mother Hilarie Burton (the Scott brothers). As much to say to you that this shop of sweets is very visited and that it has not lost its notoriety of yesteryear!

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