Image of the day: behind the scenes of the film Deux Frères by Jean-Jacques Annaud

Released in 2004, the film “Deux Frères” is directed by the friend of animals, Jean-Jacques Annaud. It features, in the main roles, Guy Pearce and Freddie Highmore. Filming with the tigers turned out to be long and laborious.

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By going to the zoo regularly to prepare for the film The Bear released in 1988, director Jean-Jacques Annaud is fascinated by a completely different animal: the tiger. Subsequently, he began shooting the film Two brothers in October 2002. The director had to be very patient in order to be able to shoot in Cambodian lands at the Angkor Temple. Indeed, this highly visited and heritage site required lots of amenities in order to welcome the wild animals.

Two Brothers © Pathé Films

Our pic of the day shows Guy Pearce the main actor of the film with one of the little tigers. For this film, the director is working with trainer Thierry Le Portier, he also took care of the training of the lions of Gladiator by Ridley Scott, but especially the bear in the film The Bear, a real reunion then. For the filming of Two brothers, the trainer had selected thirty tigers, including eighteen babies, and then observed which of them had their own personalities. The filming of the film has lengthened considerably, in fact, it lasted a total of six months. We had to listen to the tigers who cannot work full days. When they were tired, you had to leave them and wait until the next day. For the welfare of the animals, a hotel for tigers was created. The animals were therefore gathered together in the best possible conditions.

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