"I’m the lowest paid…" : a famous journalist and resident of the "Big heads" reveals his salary, Laurent Ruquier justifies himself!

Wednesday June 22, 2022, “Les Grosses Têtes” discussed the future return of Roselyne Bachelot to the breast. After her fairly discreet stint at the Ministry of Culture, the famous politician will indeed take over the microphone with Laurent Ruquier and the other members from the start of the next school year. “It will cost us a monster dough again that one“, chants the hilarious Sébastien Thoen. “You better lower your fees.“, he then launches Yoann Riou. “No, but everyone is paid the same as the Big Heads“, then intervenes Laurent Ruquier. A remark which will then make the famous sports journalist jump.

No, no that’s not true at all! I get paid the least!“, vituperates Yoann Riou, significantly raising the number of decibels as he knows so well (or not) to do. “But no, you got paid in Granola“, then corrects Sébastien Thoen. “I’m going to show you behind the scenes, obviously I’m not giving figures, but Laurent Ruquier loves me very much. Well then I am the least paid but it is normal I am the least known it is totally logical and I accept it.”, then resumes the new boarder. “And then you’ve been here for a while“, then specifies the companion of Hugo Manos. “And then it’s mostly that you’re useless in the show“, indicates the former presenter of the newspaper of the hard, new sniper of luxury of the emission.Limit you should pay us to be here“, even explains with humor Laurent Ruquier provoking the thunderous laughter of the sports journalist of the Team known for his comments a tad exalted.

When there’s a TV show, he puts me on it because it’s much better paid and that means that doing one TV makes seven radio stations. Your kindness and your absolute benevolence is that you call me for TV shows“, then says Yoann Riou. “‘Cause I need a screen jerk.“, then concludes Laurent Ruquier.

Thibaud Cruz

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