(Im) perfect criminals, the director speaks: “I was able to tell the humanity of those who do not make an audience”

Our video interview with Alessio Maria Federici, director of (Im) perfect criminals, together with Anna Ferzetti and Matteo Martari, among the interpreters of the film available on Sky and NOW.

(Im) Perfect Criminals: A scene from the movie

Criminals by chance, but true friends. These are the protagonists of (Im) perfect criminalsthe new movie Sky Original directed by Alessio Maria Federici, which tells of four friends employed as security guards who decide to organize a robbery when one of them is fired for a trifle. Four friends played by Guglielmo Poggi, Filippo Scicchitano, Fabio Balsamo and Babak Karimi, four close-knit performers who best manage both the comedy and genre soul of the film. We talked about this balance with the director and with two of the supporting actors, Anna Ferzetti and Matteo Martari, to let us tell the behind the scenes of the film available on Sky and NOW.

The video interview with Anna Ferzetti, Matteo Martari and Alessio Maria Federici

In the world of (Im) perfect criminals

Imperfect Criminals 5

(Im) perfect criminals: Filippo Scicchitano, Fabio Balsamo, Babak Karimi in one scene

“We had already worked together and we couldn’t wait to do it again” Anna Ferzetti told us in explaining what attracted her to this intriguing project, “Alessio puts a great deal of passion into it, he loves the actors and respects them. This thing is important for an actor! And then I liked to tell the humility and simplicity of this couple who try in every way to move forward.” Very interesting, in fact, the story that concerns her and the relationship with the character of Filippo Scicchitano with whom she shares the scene, which Federici also underlines: “I was able to tell about humanity, I was able to tell about those who do not make audiences usually because they are the ones who lose, and I was able to do it with technical means that I had never been able to use.”

“(Im) perfect criminals, the review: Thieves by chance, friends seriously”

Imperfect Criminals 11

(Im) perfect criminals: Matteo Martari during a scene

“The script and the fact that Alessio was behind it” also confirmed Matteo Martari, “I was so fascinated by this character.” Human characters, authentic. This seems to be one of the aspects of the new Sky Original that seems to make everyone agree, characters that are defined in the course of the film losers, a condition against which it is impossible to fight according to one of them. Is that so? Can you fight being loser? “Absolutely yes, you must try!” Ferzetti told us, but Martari also said her: “no, not necessarily, I was a bullied kid at school but I never did much to get out of that situation, other than react a couple of times. The key thing is to have an awareness of this situation.”

The importance of music and genre

Imperfect Criminals 8

(Im) perfect criminals: an image

The choice of the Creep cover that opens “(Im) perfetti criminali”, recorded live by Eva Pevarello, is also linked to this concept. “The whole musical path has been studied along these lines” has explained Alessio Maria Federici, “everything there is in the film, even in the case of the Platters with what Sixteen Tons tells, with the man who returns home after having worked with the disappointment of being poorly valued, or Salerosa Malagueña with the Mexican dance that they collected tobacco leaves. The suffering that comes from having to go on every day. The difference for those who lose and those who do not win easy is that every morning the alarm goes off at 7. “ Or even at 6, as added by Anna Ferzetti.

Imperfect Criminals 2

(Im) perfect criminals: Pino Insegno, Alessio Maria Federici on the set of the film

We always return there, to the humanity of the characters, at the service of a story that falls within the genre of Heist Movie, of films about robberies. Was it difficult to balance this element with the comedy soul? “It’s a film that takes place on three levels and it was difficult to build, because everything was in danger of spoiling what would happen next.” explained the director, “At the same time, it was impossible not to start from gender assumptions. It intrigued me a lot, my reference trilogy is The Hangover. It allowed me to combine the ability to tell the humanity of the characters with something that could do smile and do something really action. “

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