(Im) perfect criminals, Guglielmo Poggi: “The film amuses for the inadequacy of its protagonists”

Our video interview with Guglielmo Poggi, Filippo Scicchitano, Fabio Balsamo and Babak Karimi, the star gang of (Im) perfetti criminali, the Sky Original film available from 9 May on Sky and NOW.

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Four security guards. Colleagues, but above all friends. These are the characters played in (Im) perfect criminals by Guglielmo Poggi, Filippo Scicchitano, Fabio Balsamo and Babak Karimi, an unlikely gang of criminals who leverage their inadequacy to generate the funny aspect of the movie Sky Original directed by Alessio Maria Federici, a successful hybrid of comedy and heist movie for how it does not just entertain, but also stage a hit in the best tradition of the genre. We talked about this mixture, but also the alchemy that emerges between the four actors in our chat with the protagonists of (Im) perfect criminals.

The video interview with Guglielmo Poggi, Filippo Scicchitano, Fabio Balsamo and Babak Karimi

“(Im) perfect criminals, the review: Thieves by chance, friends seriously”

The importance of alchemy

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(Im) perfect criminals: Pino Insegno, Alessio Maria Federici on the set of the film

“When we first met” he told Filippo Scicchitano in talking about the successful alchemy that the cast demonstrated in (Im) perfect criminals, “We let ourselves go and trusted each other. Maybe not right away, because everyone is made in their own way. Everyone was right for the character they were going to play. We noticed immediately, as actors, and the director led us on this path that gradually became clearer. “ The confirmation of this thought also comes from Guglielmo Poggi: “and it’s also a matter of luck. It doesn’t often happen that you find yourself with people you like to go to work with and with whom you find yourself immediately, even though they come from completely different backgrounds and languages.”

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(Im) perfect criminals: Filippo Scicchitano, Fabio Balsamo, Babak Karimi in one scene

An alchemy born immediately. “From day one we found ourselves with the most difficult scene and a way of shooting that I had never tried” Poggi said again, “that is, always being on stage, because Alessio’s way of shooting is like this, it always keeps you involved in the scene.” Throw yourself into the fray then and it’s amazing that “There has never been half a problem between us, neither of communication at an actor level, nor at a human level. This is why I say that it is also luck!”
Fortune or skill of Federici as a director? “He put together a kind of orchestra” he added Babak Karimi, “in which each of us is an instrument to which he has found the right place.”

“(Im) perfect criminals, says the director:” I was able to tell the humanity of those who do not make an audience “”

The merits of Alessio Maria Federici

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(Im) perfect criminals: Pino I teach in one scene

“A consequence of professional esteem” according to Fabio Balsamocoming naturally “already from the first readings and the first shots.” This made all the work of “(Im) perfect criminals” easy, including that of maintaining the balance between the genres that develops with completeness and fluidity in the film. “We haven’t thought much about it” Poggi explained, “We did ours and Alessio was good. We recite what is written and those who are outside know how to make it more fun or more tense. Alessio is a very good technically who knows how to handle the comedy part well.” But one thing is sure: “The funny thing is in the inadequacy of people wanting to do something beyond their means. In this the comic gimmick wins.”

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