“I’m not sad”, “I can’t wait to offer something heavy”: Julien and Stanislas come out of silence after their elimination from “Star Academy”

Saturday night in the “Star Academy”, Anisha was saved by the public after the prime. And it was Tiana who was chosen by the other students to continue the adventure on TF1. A choice that pushed Julien and Stanislas towards the exit.

After five weeks of adventure, the two young men have therefore found real life, and social networks where tens of thousands of fans await them, gained thanks to their passage in the cult show.

Like the other academicians eliminated earlier in the adventure, Julien and Stan wanted to express themselves. “I wanted to send you this message to thank you for all your messages of support which mean a lot to me. I try to read everything and answer everyone. I do my best, know that I have not forgotten you. It really touches me to see all these messages of support, I am very happy, ”says Stanislas, in Instagram story. “Know that I am not sad. I am very happy to have been up to this level in the adventure. You know my mindset, always stay positive. Now for me it’s the start of a new adventure which is real life. And it starts with no more castle but an apartment under construction. We’re going to resume the music and it’s up to me to write my story. »

For his part, Julien promised that he would soon offer us “heavy”: “That’s it, it’s the end of the Star Academy adventure. I want to thank all of you who have supported me, you have made me aware of who I am and who I could be. I can’t wait to offer you something heavy and that we love it together! Thank you to all the production that allowed me to realize my dreams on stage and who knows maybe even outside. And above all, thank you to the teachers for their patience and authenticity. In any case everything is fine for me, I am happy and grateful for what is happening to me. Thank you all I kiss you, see you soon. »

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