"I’m fed up" : The presenter of France 2 Julian Bugier cracks and goes off his hinges!

This Thursday, November 18, 2021, the faithful viewers of France 2 will find Julian Bugier at the presentation of his new program “I have an idea for France”. The concept of this bonus: giving the French a voice on various issues in order to “highlight women and men who bring innovative and concrete ideas”, assures France 2 in a statement published recently. Pay inequalities, harassment on social networks, soaring real estate prices, disability and the environment will be among the topics discussed this evening by Julian Bugier and his guests. “Usually, it is rather the French who come to ask questions to politicians. Today, the times have changed, the citizens are active. We are therefore going to do the opposite: it is the politicians who, in front of their TV screen, will listen to their proposals “, sums up the journalist in an interview with” Télé 7 jours “.

During this same interview, Julian Bugier took the opportunity to push a rant. “I have my back that we systematically speak of France through a negative prism,” he insists. This is why Julian Bugier and the France 2 teams are keen to highlight “great ideas, apolitical, which can change everyday life at different levels”. “We are going to talk about medical deserts, greener consumption, disability, seniors, wage inequalities in companies … There will also be reports on citizens who are already implementing, at the local level, their good ideas. It’s an antidote to the ambient depression “, assures the presenter of the television news of France 2.” I have the conviction, for a very long time, that there are French people who do great things, who do live our country at the local level. Unfortunately, we do not talk enough about them. This France exists, we have to show it. And that feels good, “he concludes.


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