“I’m doing very well”: Joe Biden reassures after testing positive for Covid-19 on Thursday (photo)

The Democrat, who so far had never tested positive, “started taking Paxlovid”, Pfizer’s anti-Covid pill, and will isolate himself at the White House until he is in new negative, she said.

The president, fully vaccinated and who has received two booster doses, “will continue to assume his full duties” during this time, according to the press release.

“He was in contact with members of the White House team by telephone this morning, and he will participate in the meetings scheduled for this morning at the White House by telephone and by Zoom” from his private apartments, said Karine Jean- Rock.

” I am very well ”

“I’m doing very well,” assured Joe Biden, 79, on Twitter Thursday after testing positive for Covid-19.

He added that he was “busy”, in a message accompanied by a photo which shows the American president, in a suit jacket and shirt, sitting at a White House desk, a pen in his hand and his smartphones placed in front of him.


“For the sake of great transparency”, the White House has promised to communicate “every day” on the state of health of Joe Biden, whom a medical examination last November found “robust” and “fit” to carry out his duties. .

The last negative test of the American head of state, who last week toured Israel and Saudi Arabia, dates back to Tuesday, said Karine Jean-Pierre.

The president, who wants to campaign before legislative elections in November, had initially planned a trip to Pennsylvania on Thursday and another to Florida next Monday.

The United States is currently registering around 130,000 new cases of Covid-19 per day, an underestimated figure according to experts, and the number of hospitalizations is also on the rise. The highly contagious BA.5 subvariant of Omicron is dominant in the country, where it accounts for about 80% of cases.


Paxlovid, which Joe Biden takes, is an antiviral treatment that works by reducing the ability of the virus to replicate, thus slowing the progression of the disease. It must be taken within the first few days after symptoms appear to be effective.

It is recommended in the United States for people at risk of developing a severe case of the disease, a category in which the American president falls due to his age.

Joe Biden’s predecessor, Republican Donald Trump, announced on October 2, 2020 on Twitter that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

He had been evacuated by helicopter from the White House to the Walter Reed military hospital, and had been treated there for three nights.

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