" I’m afraid to continue the road without you " : the heartbreaking and disturbing declarations of Julie Jardon, the ex-companion of Igor Bogdanoff

It was with a heavy heart that she said “goodbye” to him. Julie Jardon, companion of Igor Bogdanoff for 7 years, was obviously present this Monday January 10 at 3 p.m. at the Madeleine church in Paris. Place where the funerals were held for the two brothers known for their love for science. If the model neuroscience researcher did not wish to speak during the ceremony, she still insisted on writing a text filled with love and heartbreaking, for Gala, addressed to the man who meant a lot to her.

“Heart on the verge of exhaustion. Thank you for having been this pretty, almost unreal parenthesis, since that unexpected night of May 17, 2015 and during the 7 sublime and discreet years that followed. I remember everything about us”, she wrote at first, recalling precious memories allowing her to “keep smiling” in the face of this tragic loss: “our travels, your smile, your facial expressions that I loved so much, your gaze on me so loving, the discoveries with you, seeing you on stage, in conference”. Refusing to be vaccinated like his brother, Igor Bogdanoff therefore lost his life on January 3.

Julie Jardon and he will unfortunately no longer be able to share a “common future” and she will no longer be able to remember by his side either. “the way you taught me to live the present moment with you so as not to be too anxious about an uncertain and inaccessible future. And today, I’m afraid of tomorrow. I’m afraid to continue the road without you, without landmark “.

Even if the bereavement will be difficult to overcome, the model promises to keep her head up and honor the man who made her happy for seven years: “I will try little by little and as best I can to transform the sad ‘never again’ that I feel every time a place, a moment reminds me of us and our strong bond, into ‘forever’ (.. .) Thank you for lighting my path during these wonderful years by your side. I love you forever “.

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