"I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!": Tears at Lucas and newer "food terror"

“I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”
Tears at Lucas and new “food terror”

Lucas Cordalis (left) and Cosimo Citiolo get emotional in the camp.


The “food terror” – as Verena calls it herself – continues in the jungle. Lucas’ tears flow at the thought of Papa Costa.

Day five in the RTL jungle camp: Tessa Bergmeier (33) is spared for the first time on Tuesday evening (January 17) – at least as far as the jungle test is concerned. Instead, Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske (43) denied this, with successful prey. Meanwhile, Verena Kerth (41) and Claudia Effenberg (57) happily continued to blaspheme – this time mainly about Cecilia Asoro (25). And Lucas Cordalis (55) reminisced about dad and great jungle king Costa Cordalis (1944-2019) …

Verena and Claudia against the rest in the jungle?

Apparently, the presenter didn’t like the fact that Cecilia Asoro left out about Verena’s food complaints the night before. The trigger was that the vegetarian and vegan group, consisting of Tessa and Jana, did not give away any of their vegetables. Once again, the blasphemous mood quickly returned. “I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. She has absolutely no right to make us so stupid,” Verena complained to her blasphemer sister Claudia about the “food terror”. Of course, she agreed: “I got on my nerves.”

The joy was all the greater when Jolina Mennen (30) passed on the position of team boss to Cecilia. Suddenly Claudia didn’t want to follow the broadcaster’s regulations anymore: “Sometimes I find this rule-talk very exhausting.”

Lucas Cordalis close to tears

Meanwhile, Lucas Cordalis and Cosimo Citiolo (41) got sentimental around the campfire. Because Lucas remembered the “last hours” of his father Costa Cordalis. He “experienced his last breath,” he told Cosimo. “I felt his last heartbeat.” Papa Costa was his “one and only”. “We did everything together. We were best friends. I learned everything from him.” The thought of the moment when his late father was picked up, “that rips your heart out,” said Lucas, close to tears. Cosimo could hardly listen to it – and ended up hugging the pop singer.

Jana cheers in the “Fiesenrad”

Tears also flowed with Jana and that even before the jungle test. After Lucas had comforted the actress, Jana climbed into the “Fiesenrad”. Then, at a dizzying height of 25 meters, it was time to start collecting stars. “Exactly my test,” she said confidently – and went back to the camp with six out of twelve stars.

There, in the evening, you could enjoy nuts, lots of vegetables – and fish, among other things. And off we went with the next “food terror”, but not with Verena… Instead, Tessa and Luigi “Gigi” Birofio (23) complained. “I do not like fish. […] This is the first time I’ve eaten fish here. I’ll become a fish myself here,” Gigi concludes. Vegan Tessa complained about her scratchy throat after eating from a tuber: “I’m panicking.” However, since all celebrities felt the same way, the rest of the residents hit it once again for an overreaction.

Three stars have to take the exam

On Wednesday evening (from 10:15 p.m. on RTL and RTL+) Verena celebrates her exam debut, as does Claudia. And Tessa got it again: “What has to, that has to.”


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