"I’m a bitch, like all the other bastards, obsessed", devastated, Florence Foresti evokes her romantic situation with violence

At 48 years old, Florence Foresti is an icon of the scene. Thanks to her hilarious one woman shows intended above all for French women, with a few spikes for men, the latter quickly managed to conquer the hearts of many faithful. And after more than twenty years on the stage, success is still there.

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A feat that she owes at first to her talent, but also to her own life experience, not always very happy. Indeed, if she is happy and fulfilled on stage, Florence Foresti has gone through some difficult moments in her private life. Married to Jérôme Daran, the comedian then divorced in 2004. If he was her first husband, he will also be the only one, according to his words.

Indeed, a few years after her divorce, Florence Foresti returned to this difficult episode, which marked her in the columns of Marie-Claire “In fact, I have only been married once, in Lyon, to a man whom I adored but with whom it was impossible to live. It was a very romantic wedding. I will not remarry. Safe.“And for good reason, when she is in love, the comedian is exactly like the girls she describes in her sketches: excessive and” co * ne “.

Florence Foresti hates herself when she is in love with a man. Independent, fun and happy on her own, she then becomes a whole different person “I’m an asshole, like all the other assholes, obsessed. Dependent, fusional. I want to be with him 24 hours a day, until the end of the relationship. “. Despite this, the comedian tries to resist, “I keep trying to prove to myself that I can live without a man, so it’s very painful for those who share my lifeFortunately, the mom can take the pressure off once on stage!

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