Illan (The Princes) as a couple again? Haneia scales


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Credits: Instagram: vaaruecos

Would Illan be in a relationship again? Haneia drops an info!

According to the rumors circulating on social networks, Julien Bert and Isabeau would have gotten closer and as you can imagine, there is someone who did not like it at all and who let it be known. . This Wednesday, January 12, 2022, Illan indeed reacted to these hallway noises and he did not mince his words. However, imagine that at the present time the latter would be in a relationship. Yes, after his complicated break with the one who would be flirting with his worst enemy, he would have found love in the arms of a young woman. At least, that’s what Haneia said in the story of vaaruecos ! We tell you more in the rest of the article.

“The people want to know” ! Well thanks to Haneia, we learned a lot more than we expected. This Wednesday, January 12, the one who participated in the Princes and Princesses of love 5 was indeed on the set of The band at Nabilflix with the blogger vaarruecos who is now a columnist for this show. The latter made an Instagram story with the young woman in which he asks her what she was doing with Illan the day before, to which she replied that she was with friends and that he joined them with his new girlfriend. .

The identity of Illan’s supposed girlfriend?

After Haneia revealed this information, vaarruecos, shocked, asked where Illan’s new girlfriend was from. It could have put us on the way but unfortunately, we will not know more because the video was cut when the candidate of the Princes and Princesses of love 5 was about to answer. On the other hand, know that a few days ago, a blogger revealed that Illan would have been very close to an influencer. But then, would it be the same person? We will surely have the answer in a short time!

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