Illan targeted by sexual assault charges, Seby Daddy speaks out and shares his side of the story

Everyone seems to have a say in this story … Recently, Bastos made compromising revelations about Illan, after the serious accusations by which he is targeted. Indeed, for several days, tongues have been loosening about the existence of a possible video on which we would see a reality TV candidate forcing a minor to perform a sexual act. Then, several influencers have mentioned Illan’s first name in this story, also accusing Seby Daddy of being in possession of this shocking video himself.. However, this one holds a whole different version.

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Seby Daddy’s answer

After having denied the existence of this video for the first time and defending Illan in this case, Seby Daddy has again given his version of the facts. In his story Instagram, the reality TV contestant wrote: “As explained above, I have no video of Illan’s sexual assault in my possession.. I find it absurd that we allow individuals to peddle unfounded rumors on TV sets and various interviews. All the more so when it comes to acts of such gravity, of which people are victims on a daily basis. “

Illan is certainly “a charo” but by no means an aggressor

Seby Daddy added: “I now realize that a conversation that may seem innocuous, can be distorted and take on an inordinate dimension : Illan is certainly “a charo” but by no means an aggressor. Despite any differences I may have had with him in the past, I give him my full support. Please cease all defamation against me. “ Illan, who spoke in Touche Pas à Mon Poste after the accusations of sexual assault, can therefore count on the support of Seby Daddy in this case.

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