Illan targeted by serious accusations, Bastos makes compromising revelations

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Decidedly, nothing is going at the moment for Illan, who would have threatened the blogger Nabil as he revealed in Touche Pas à Mon Poste. In recent days, the influencer has been targeted by serious accusations on the Web. Several reality TV contestants denounced his abusive behavior, especially because of a famous video on which we could see Illan forcing a minor to commit a sexual act… For the moment, the main interested party denies any involvement in this story. But some languages ​​continue to loosen up about it.

During a live Twitch, Bastos was questioned by his subscribers and, in turn, made revelations about Illan, after the already very present buzz. He threw out the supposed confidences made by a woman working behind the scenes of a flagship show of W9 in which the two men have already participated: “It is part of the production of the Princes of Love. She was already working the year before, in the season that Ilan did. I do not know if it is true but she said to me: “Last year we had to bring it to order several times”. “

He was blackmailing like: ‘Listen, either you sleep with me or you are going to leave’

Bastos continues his revelations about Illan on the show, swinging, again from what someone from the production told him: “Because just before the eliminations, he was blackmailing (to his suitors) in mode: “Listen, either you sleep with me or you are going to leave”. That’s what she told me “. At the time of writing, Illan, who would have been secretly engaged to Isabeau, has not responded to the compromising information revealed by Bastos …

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