Illan in a relationship with a double Isabeau? Info is falling


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Credits: Instagram: vaarruecos

New information about Illan’s private life has come out. The young man would be in a relationship with the double of Isabeau, his ex.

A remake of the trio Milla Jasmine-Mujdat-Feliccia? If a few days ago, we saw the end of the love story between Illan and Isabeau in the episodes of Princes and Princesses of love 5 on W9, in reality, their relationship is now always to be conjugated in the past tense. Despite a reunion after the filming of the romance program, their romance did not resist the many controversies which the candidate was the subject of. So, for several weeks now, both of them have been trying to turn the page by focusing on themselves. Isabeau begins a whole new life by settling in Paris while Illan is currently traveling to New York, United States. And he wouldn’t be alone …

Illan would be a couple again – Credit (s):
Here is the face of Illan's supposed new girlfriend
Here is the face of Illan’s supposed new girlfriend – Credit (s):

According to Instagram account information vaarruecos, the famous charo in the middle of reality TV has already found love! “Illan is currently in a relationship with a Colombian girl who would look a lot like Isabeau! He brings her everywhere” the blogger said before releasing an exclusive photo of the candidate’s alleged new girlfriend Princes and Princesses of love 5. Obviously, the young man quickly managed to forget the one he recently proposed in marriage. Unless that’s not quite the case …

Illan as a couple with Isabeau lookalike

As you can see for yourself thanks to the snapshot shared by vaarruecos, between Isabeau and Illan’s current girlfriend, there is clearly an air of resemblance. For this reason, one might think that the reality TV candidate is looking for a part of his ex in all his new conquests. But then, would that mean he’s still in love with the one he met on the set of the show? Objective Rest of the World ? Or on the contrary, is he more sincere than ever with this new young woman? For the moment, the mystery remains unsolved!

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