Illan at the heart of the controversy, he takes a radical decision


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Credit: Instagram @illancto

Illan has just made an important decision when he is at the heart of many controversies.

Against all expectations, Illan contacted Luna again after their confusion on the Web. After a very complicated end of the year, the young man wanted to ease tensions with the candidate and even wished her a good recovery as she fights against a blood infection following a cosmetic procedure. At the same time, the candidate of Princes and Princesses of Love 5 was charged with sexual assault on a minor, a real bad buzz that plunged him into depression and made him a pet peeve. As you will have understood, the young man’s situation is far from ideal.

Illan – Credit (s): Instagram illancto

As if that were not enough, Illan also separated from Isabeau with whom he had been living a love affair for several months. After sexual assault charges and deception, the pretty brunette has put an end to her relationship with the candidate. But nothing to feel sorry for Illan’s fate and for good reason, the latter was seen a few days ago with the famous influencer Polska in the streets of New York as well as during an NBA game. The one who had been devastated by his break with Isabeau seems to gradually regain a taste for life and the pretty blonde would not be for nothing.

Illan made a big decision

And according to his own confidences on social media, this trip to NYC completely changed Illan. Visibly fulfilled, the young man made a big announcement on Instagram. As you can see in the video that we suggest you find a little earlier in this article, the candidate revealed that he is officially settling in the famous American city: “Since I have been in New York, I have been living again (…) I have been looking for an apartment for two days and there I found”. And the move is imminent: “There I am going to return to France for a week to settle two or three papers that I have to do and then I will come back here from next week to live in New York”. A new life that many will follow closely.

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